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Name:- John Williamson

Age:- Getting on for being a pensioner.

Face - Camera broke!

Born:- Liverpool, England Home of various good things, such as the Beatles

I have lived on a narrowboat in London since 2013.

Died:- Not yet! Aiming to be shot by a jealous husband at age 90 or so.....

Family:- Mum lives in Prestatyn, 1 living brother, 1 in Oxfordshire (Originally Number 3, now the new Number 2, PhD in Biochemistry among other things), 2 ex-brothers.
Mike, (Used to live in South Africa, had a hypoglycaemic attack which killed him September 2003).
Charles drank too much one night....

Day work:- I drive a coach for Westbus UK.

Hobbies:- Music, Photography, lazing around

Transport:- 1968 Land Rover

I've had this vehicle on and off for about 35years. So far, it's always been cheaper to repair than replace. Not fast, not comfortable, just reliable.

 It did have a new chassis in 2008, thanks to Gary and his mate in Cellarhead. Just don't ask how much it cost to do......

Then there was the complete engine rebuild a couple of years ago. My wallet is still recovering...

 The quick story

Born Liverpool, moved to South Africa at the age of 2. Came back aged 7. Stayed here when parents went back in about 1980, as I was enjoying life on the water too much. Worked in London (Blecch!) for 20 years, escaped in 2001.

Then I made the decision to come back to The Smoke in 2013.  Sigh!.